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Specialities Gourmet and Exclusives Platform

The project defines the local market place with specialities and exclusives available. The information is created by merchants and assured by customers.

A Smart Neighborhood Platform

Bind is a smart neighborhood platform that enables residents to collaborate with each other and services around them.

Highway Delite

A Highway Information Platform

Its a Highway Information Platform the maps all the essential information entour starting with hotels, pitstops, gas stations, food marts, etc and also provide essential support and services on the highway connecting to the local car services, hospitals, emergency ambulances, etc.

Deliverables: Web Application, Merchant side and Admin Web App
UI/UX : Inhouse.
Front End: Angular 7,
BackEnd : PHP( Laravel), MySQL
Vertical: App Development


Professional Network for Differently Abled

A Professional Network for the Differently Abled where they can search and apply for jobs, get information about the differently abled washrooms, restaurants, buildings, etc. The Employers can post and monitor their applications and interviews.

Deliverables: Desktop friendly, Employer side and Admin Side Web App
Front End: React JS
BackEnd : NodeJS, MongoDB – MERN
Verticals: App Development, Automation


A Local Service Delivery Platform

Uniserve is your one stop destination for local services in a city. Starting for General, Fitnesses, Beauty and Salon- all services are provided to the customers

Deliverables: Android Native and a Web App, Admin Dashboard App

UI/UX : Inhouse
Front End: Angular 2, Ionic 2
BackEnd : Python, MongoDB
Verticals: App Development


A Trip Organizer App

It helps organize Corporate trips expenses and calendars and submit a final report of the expenses to the Finance Department in a CSV format.

Deliverables: Android/iOS App
UI/UX : Inhouse, Front End: Angular 5.0, Ionic 3.0
Verticals: App Development


Vendor Based Application Tracking and Monitoring

A Vendor Application Tracking and Monitoring Application for BPCL (Government Public Sector Company). It involves the stages of applications, to usage and reports at different levels.

Deliverables: Web Application/ Browser
▸ UI/UX : Provided by Customer, Front End: HTML, JQuery, Backend: NodeJS, MongoDB
▸ Verticals: App Development


A Drones Ground Control Station

A Drone Ground Control Station where starting from flight planning, guidance, autopilot, 3D Modeling and Landing can be done seamlessly. The sensors communicate with the device.

Deliverables: Desktop Application
UI/UX : Provided by Customer, Front End: Embedded QT, C++, QML, Qt Android
iOS Compilation
Python based Test Automation
Verticals: App Development, Automation


A B2B Grocery Trading App

A B2B Grocery App where Restaurants can list their need, maintain lists, collaborate among employees and place their order.

Deliverables: Android Native, Admin Side Dashboard App
UI/UX : Inhouse, Front End: Android Java
BackEnd : NodeJS, MongoDB, MySQL
Verticals: App Development, ERP