Agile Transformation

What is Agile Transformation?

Agile transformation is the sustained organization-wide process of helping individuals and organizations undergo the necessary mindset shift to reap the full benefits of agility.

Why is transformation necessary?

Agile is not merely a process: doing the steps does not guarantee you the results. With Agile, you aren’t baking a cake; you’re starting a movement. Getting many people to work together effectively requires a code of ethics – even if informal – to understand what is possible and what is acceptable.

When everyone is working under the same code of ethics, as in, say, a traditional business – where what is being produced, how, by what means and for how much are all established – then there is no need for transformation. What makes Agile transformation necessary for traditional business is the constant state of change and volatility in the market, as well as the democratization of value definition and delivery. Startups can compete with conglomerations on speed and quality, because big corporations are unable to pivot before windows of opportunity close. Smaller, more nimble companies are able to pursue these opportunities and create new, disruptive markets. By transforming the entire organization to be more Agile, big companies can retain competitive advantage.

Some people grasp this, but most businesses don’t understand how much change is required. While more and more people are shifting their mindset to Agile, most have not had this same shift and are incapable of making the fine distinctions that set Agile apart from other value delivery methods.

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