RPA and Testing Automation

Optimization and Efficiency in Testing

Testing is an Art. At Tortalabz, we make the journey of our clients seamlessly smooth. We believe that when the customer wins hearts, we win the product. We take pride in what we do, how we do, and why we do it. Not about just doing the Testing, doing it the right way is important. We always maintain our Clients as PARTNERS as they play an important role in the journey together.

Services we offer in Testing Services

Automation Testing Service

Get testing automated to maximize ROI, reduced delivery time, Comprehensive & end-to-end application testing

Functional Testing Services

Specification-based testing, verification and validation of apps, ensure specifications compliance, meet functional expectations, for users

Manual Testing Services

Effective UI & User Acceptance Testing, error handling, installation, & security, get functional and regression testing that ensures high software quality, Experienced and qualified QA teams. Agile mobile &  desktop app testing and quality assurance services

API Integration Testing

Faster & automated testing and seamless integration, API specification review, test case development, execution, & report

Cloud Testing Services

Get cloud-based manual testing automated testing, & robust testing as a service, On-demand, preconfigured tools and testing environment with built-in features

Avionics and DO-178B Testing​ Services

Avionics Testing for DO-178B Level A, B and C with all statutory compliances. Code Coverage, Requirement Coverage and Component Test Procedure Executions using Customer Proprietary Tools and Environment

Regression Testing Services

 We offer online Training services for applications we develop on a prescheduled time

Embedded Testing

Hardware (system and application) integration testing, Security testing, Certification and pre- compliance testing: HART, CE, FCG, IS , SIL, MQTT/CoAP/M2M cloud and device integration testing

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